[prep-room] DRILLS

The prep-room is envisioned as a site for the exploration of curatorial methods and the development of content and scopes in the lead up to various upcoming projects. Sited in a gallery in the Museum, it is open to the public and allows audiences to observe the exhibition-making process, engage with the subject matter presented, and begin a sustained interest in the development of the project. Its primary tools of deployment are archival materials, with artworks and artefacts interspersed at various times as a facilitator rather than a focus.

As part of prep-room DRILLS, the collaborators for 2 current prep-room projects, conservator Kate Pocklington on Buaya: The making of a non-myth and Zurich-based artist collective U5 on Crater Studios will present their ongoing research and studio works.

prep-room DRILLS is a series of public presentations of ongoing research and studio works by invited practitioners and researchers. Invited to work around the open-ended framework of the NUS Museum’s prep-room, the collaborators engage with the framework of the prep-room and its features to interpose objects within the permanent collection or research trajectories of the NUS Museum. DRILLS introduces the many explicit and tacit modes of working by the artists and researchers within the context of a University Museum.

Buaya: The making of a non-myth
Resource Gallery (7.15 – 7.30pm)

This prep-room project presents simultaneous research and practices by conservator Kate Pocklington and artist Lucy Davis on the crocodile in Singapore. Activated by the conservation of the century old specimen for exhibition in the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, the heuristic and scientific research has expanded to uncover the animal’s eclipsed history. By virtue of the Straits’ ambivalent relations with the crocodile, the materials on display reckon with its population and circulation in habitat and encounters, folklore, colonial enterprise, industry and violence. Running parallel to this natural history research is a revisit of Lucy Davis’s artistic interpretation of the components of this particular crocodile framed within her bigger “Migrant Ecologies Project” that unpacks readings through which we view and study animals and the natural world.

Crater Studios (17 Volcanoes)
NX3 (7.40 – 8pm)

Crater Studios is a prep-room programme of Zurich-based artist collective U5. The premise of their studio work in NX3 is to create portraits of 17 Javanese volcanoes out of the materials gathered in the broader ETH-Zurich Future Cities Laboratory Singapore research project “Tourism and Cultural Heritage: A Case Study on the Explorer Franz Junghuhn”. Following Junghuhn’s footsteps, these 17 volcanoes form territorial markers that interweave historical and contemporary narratives of Indonesia. U5 works in various media with an agenda to challenge traditional notions of individual authorship. The work originates from a fascination with material— forming model-like structures by combining found and assembled objects; constructing exuberant architectural installations that oscillate between natural and artificial; overlaying these with constantly evolving video works, live-stream images, sound and performance —that together produce a dynamic, layered experience.

Image credit: (L) Detail of plaster crocodile by Kate Pocklington. Gallery impression by Geraldine Kang for NUS Museum.
(R) Image credit: Kawah Putih (The White Crater). Image courtesy of U5.

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Thu Feb 2, 2017
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM SGT
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